Het Nieuwe Normaal

Als er iets is waar wij mensen goed in zijn, dan is het wat we 'normaal' noemen oprekken. Al helemaal als het om voeding gaat. Eten is niet alleen de optelsom van ingrediënten; het is een mix van mores, angst en vooruitgang.

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Sweat Drenched Writing (music blog + playlist)

As I am writing this, I'm lying on the floor of a sun beaten Dutch monastery's attic, August-hot, all fans on. Around me sit about six writers I just danced with. Equally sweat-drenched, they're pouring what's left of them on paper. It's a jaw-clenchingly beautiful thing, the mix of sweat and words and bodies and minds.

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Music & The Age of Everything (music blog + playlist)

Even though I love writing, there is a language I love more, and that is music: the most direct, ancient and universal way of telling a story. Like most of us, I’ve been listening to music all my life.The playlist that awaits you is like Spring itself; bursting with surprise. Enjoy, don’t forget to dance right in the middle of your Age of Everything.

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When Your Blood Boils: on Chögyam Trungpa’s ‘for Anne Waldman’

Sometimes, there’s a poem that skips your brain and enters right into your bloodstream. Before getting it, it gets you. It becomes part of your cells and organs. You instantly forget how on earth you managed your life b.P. -before Poem.

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