When someone asks me what I do I tell them I’m a writer.

I feel more like an expressionist than a writer, though. For as long as I can remember I’ve been looking for ways to understand, process and dance with the life force in and around me. This tends to take on different forms – I’ve studied anthropology and religion, organized yoga clubbing events, developed an organic clothing line (‘awareness wear’) I’ve fantasized about being a road construction worker and secretly want to be a DJ. And a singer. And a musician. And a wild life ranger. And a dancer.

In my current incarnation however I Am Writer. Although I’ve been writing ever since someone taught me, one teacher called Natalie Goldberg quantum leaped how I experienced writing. Other writers, like Lidia Yuknavitch, Cheryl Strayed, Miranda July, Toni Morrison and Connie Palmen did to me what I think good writing should do: they opened up my world and showed me new ways to live in it.

From that love of writing and these teachers, I teach. Mostly I offer writing in combination with a body centered practice. Like yoga, or more recently, conscious movement. You are welcomed in one of my workshops or retreats to explore if that dance works for you as well. I intend to continue to explore new writing, moving, living waters -and share them.

I’ve published five (Dutch) books. I’m currently working on a new one in English. My work -mostly personal essays and columns- have been published in and on Rebelle Society, Happinez Magazine, The Optimist, Elephant Journal, The House of Yoga, Moodiez and Bodhitv.

I convoy a handful of people on their writing journey. Read more on that here or contact me if you’re curious about how that works.

Working with Geertje is always a pleasure. It’s not common to find people who have such a rich and creative mind pouring over with original ideas and wise points of view, who also happen to have great writing skills. Geertje combines these talents and manages to keep surprising us with fresh interpretations of timeless wisdom every time we work with her.
Eveline Helmink, hoofdredacteur at Happinez Magazine
I love Geertje Couwenbergh. I have worked with her several times. She is an absolute word-artist, very creative and a true visionair. They way she combines, words, yoga, creativity, dare, art and mindfulness in concepts is amazing and with those skill she knows how to inspire people of all generations!
Lisette Kreischer, Author of plant based cookbooks, food stylist, ecopreneur and co-owner of The Dutch Weed Burger!
In Geertje you have found an exceptionally creative and original person who dares to think big with a positive attitude. She has a sharp analytical mind combined with good writing skills and can work well with deadlines. Besides that she is a funny and a compassionate person with a really big heart. I really enjoyed working with her and hope to do so again.
Donata van der Rassel, >> conscious publishing & trends >>
Geertje is absolutely an inspired, thoughtful, courageous teacher and keeps on exploring what it means to be human in this spirit-filled life. I love working with her and hope to keep going for many moons to come.
Hilary Anne Brown - founder of Yoga Moves